Mathilde Marie

Mathilde Marie’s dresses reveal a contemporary bride where subtle details of yesterday combine with today’s silhouette.

Mathilde associates and shifts her ideas, lets them sparkle for a free and spontaneous bride. Beautiful materials, laces stories and hidden treasures are part of her creations. Shirtfront from a blouse, beautiful silk, trims brought out of attics find new life to dress this exceptional day. Mathilde twirls them around, brings them together and combine them with day to day’s apparel, with a touch of humor and a lot of tenderness.

Mathilde Marie takes inspiration from her childhood dreams, the theater world and fashion history. A graduate from ESMOD Paris in 2007, she first worked in children’s fashion and in stage, theater and film costume design. To marry Fashion and Costume, she funds her eponymous label in 2013.

Vintage and up-cycle details, winks to ancient savoir-faire and revisited pieces, her style gives life to unique and modern creations that combine her passion with your desires.